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A Flyer is usually a single, unfolded printed sheet that is used to draw attention to an event, service, product or idea. A flyer usually contains a very simple message that can be conveyed quickly. A flyer is generally printed on the A4 paper size to keep its cost low, though flyers can be created in any size that is easy to handle. Also, the printing is most commonly on two sides of the paper, though there is no law that says flyers can’t be printed on one side only.
A flyer usually has a relatively short lifespan, such as being used to announce a one-time event like a grand opening or special promotion. So, the paper used for flyers does not necessarily have to be heavy weight paper.

Please do not underestimate the importance of using high quality artwork! Remember, printing flyers is a very cost-effective marketing tool. Flyers are used extensively by all sectors of business - from the butcher, baker and candlestick maker through to major blue chip companies, charities and the public sector. If you need your flyer designing then we can help.
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