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Business Card

Getting a flat tire on the highway is bad enough, never mind realizing that you never put the tools back in your trunk after it happened the last time. As with all things in life, preparation is key. First impressions can never be redone, and being ready for what life hands you is a delicate art, which should not be ignored.

One of the most important aspects of business today is letting people know where they can find you. We are all very connected and usually pretty accessible due to the internet or cell phones, but it’s still nice to have a marketing piece for yourself that you can use to not only pass along your contact information, but also leave a piece of you with the person you are trying to make an impression with.

Business cards
may seem outdated, but they are still the most popular form of giving and receiving personal contact information. Attend a networking event and be prepared to see a lot of passing of business cards! Even though they may seem obsolete due to the ease of putting someone’s contact information into your phone upon meeting, they actually carry a lot of value because it makes the exchange that takes place with the other person tangible. It’s a memory of you and your conversation.
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